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Boutique vs Mass Manufacturers

Pure Midwest is a boutique full spectrum hemp oil product company.  There is a big difference between that and the mass manufacturers that white label their products for other company's to go to market with. Here are some of them.


Every processing run we change our parameters to specifically match the molecular weight of the exact cannabinoids and target specific cannabinoids in those hemp plants. Mass Manufacturers often run 1 set of parameters for all processing runs which results in sub-optimal product vs Pure Midwest. Their result could be anywhere from 5-20% different per processing run

We only use the hemp flower; not the stalks, seeds and stems. Mass Manufacturers will use variations of stalk, seed, stem and flower which reduces the concentrations of pure cannabinoids. To get higher CBD percentages some will manually add CBD Isolate to their product.



Pure Midwest small batch processing and regular testing throughout our process equates to better consistency and higher quality in every batch. Mass processing... it’s a generic recipe where you get what you get.


Pure Midwest let’s you read up on our Head of Product and his family online. Mass manufacturer's white label their product and don't reveal where they are getting it from. We urge you to google for where the product actually comes from and read their customer reviews. Some are good.. some maybe not so much.


If you can’t easily find the COA (“Certificate of Analysis” from 3rd party testers) to know exactly what is in the product you are considering… please for your own sake… stay away from that product. We have a QR code and website link on every product that takes you straight to these reports.


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